Escape to New Zealand on your Next Holiday

The Top 10 NZ Tourist Destinations

Some countries in the world are beautiful, others are stunning, while just the one is outstanding: New Zealand. Known as the Godzone, which means ‘God’s won country’. Everyone who has ever been, always longs to return. The people are friendly, the towns have a culture that you will not experience in any other country, and the countryside is very photogenic, so make sure that you have a large memory card in your camera.

If you have seen the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ then you have already seen some of what New Zealand has to offer, as many of the shots were taken in the New Zealand mountains and countryside. For those who like a holiday with beaches, then you will find plenty of them here. There are also forests full of unique wildlife, and active volcanic regions with geysers. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice exploring in this remote country! With a variety of destinations & tours available talk to the Global Tour Specialists about carefully creating a customised getaway that’s just right for you.

Below you will find the top 10 tourist destinations for a New Zealand holiday. They are not listed in any particular order, as each and every one of them is worth a visit. The list is compiled by what tourists across the internet have mentioned the most.

Coromandel Peninsula

If you are staying in Auckland, which is the country’s largest city, then you can get here within a couple of hours by car. This is the area in New Zealand where you will find all of the best beaches, along with great weather. For those people who like volcanic activity, then you can visit the Hot Water Beach. Due to the heat radiating from underground, if you dig a hole in the sand, and wait for it to fill with water, then when you get in the hole, the water will be warm. One of the beautiful areas for photography is the Cathedral Cove. The areas away from the beach are covered in lush vegetation, growing in the fertile earth around the extinct volcanos.


This is a fantastic location, surrounding by high mountains, and is one of the most visited towns in New Zealand. The bungee jumping craze that has now spread across the world started here, when A. Hackett tied an elastic cord to a bridge. You can find some of the world’s best white water rafting here. A lot of skiers in the northern hemisphere will fly to this destination during their summer months, so they can ski on the pristine slopes up in the mountains at Queenstown. For those who just want a relaxing holiday, you can sit in the many bars and restaurants and admire the scenery, and if you fancy a walk, then there are plenty of trails you can take, which cover all age groups.


This is a well-known seaside town, and is surrounded by beautiful snowcapped mountains for all but the summer months. This is a great place for those people who love nature. Many marine mammals can be found offshore such as dolphins and whales. For those who enjoy sea fishing, then you can hire a boat, and spend the day catching the local fish or even sharks. You can even go swimming with the sharks if you wish, although some may just prefer snorkeling in the local reef. As this place is based on what is in the sea, many restaurants sell the locally caught seafood.

Mt Cook National Park

This is in South Westland, and is a World Heritage site. The area hosts the tallest mountains in the country. There is limited accommodation in this area due to being a world renowned site, so it is heavily protected by the government, make sure that you book early. One of the best ways to get around and see the area is to hire a helicopter. They are a little expensive, however it is something that you are only going to do once, and you will remember the view for the rest of your life.


Another place you can get to via Auckland. This is a very active volcanic area, and the natural minerals and heat host an amazing variety of plant life and animals. There are a lot of hot springs, volcanic terraces, fumaroles, and mineral lakes. There are some really amazing treks to walk in this area.

Westland National Park

Another part of South Westland, and this area contains two of New Zealand’s most well-known glaciers. There are many fabulous forests here, but it also has the highest rainfall. To get the best shots with a camera in this region of New Zealand, make sure you have a 200mm or 300mm zoom lens. The best way to view the glaciers is via helicopter.

Tongariro National Park

This National Park, is a World Heritage Park. The area contains 3 active volcanos, and strangely they are in what many would call a desert area. This makes for some amazing pictures. None of the volcanos are currently active, but Mt Ruapehu had an eruption in 1996 so it is still classed as active. There are numerous treks of different lengths in the area, and some are recognized around the world.

Fiordland National Park

As you may have noticed, New Zealand is full of national parks, and many of them are recognized by the UNESCO. This is the largest park area of them all. You can find numerous deep fjords here and tall waterfalls. The best way to view these is by going on one of the many tour boats available. This is the home of Milford Sound, made famous by Rudyard Kipling.

Bay of Islands

With 150 islands to explore in this region, you can find many romantic bays and plenty of beautiful beaches. There are plenty of golf courses here, as well as those who wish to fish for sport in the un-spoilt seas that surround the islands.

Abel Tasman National Park

The last National Park mentioned here is in one of the best places for a warm climate most of the year, and has plenty of beautiful beaches to keep the tourist who is looking for a tan happy. The waters in the area of the Tasman Sea are crystal clear. Just off the beaches is one of New Zealand’s best rain forests